Zebra RFD40 Premium+

The Zebra RFD40 Plus Premium UHF RFID Barcode Sled redefines efficiency in data capture and tracking with its seamless integration of UHF RFID and barcode scanning capabilities. Designed to enhance productivity in various industries, this compact and versatile device transforms mobile computers into powerful RFID-enabled solutions. With its high-performance UHF RFID reader and advanced barcode scanning technology, the RFD40 ensures swift and accurate data collection, streamlining operations in retail, logistics, and asset management. The ergonomic design of the sled provides a user-friendly experience, allowing for comfortable extended use. Elevate your data capture capabilities and optimize workflow efficiency with the Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Barcode Sled – a sophisticated solution for businesses seeking precision and versatility in their tracking and inventory management processes.
Manufacturer: Zebra
SKU: RFD4031-G00B700-US-copy
Old price: $1,199.00

The Zebra RFD40 Premium Plus UHF RFID Barcode Sled stands as a pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly marrying cutting-edge UHF RFID technology with advanced barcode scanning capabilities to revolutionize data capture in diverse industries. Engineered for efficiency, this compact yet powerful device serves as an intelligent extension to mobile computers, transforming them into multifunctional tools for precise inventory and asset management. The RFD40 is equipped with a high-performance UHF RFID reader, allowing businesses to effortlessly capture, track, and manage RFID-tagged items with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, its advanced barcode scanning technology ensures swift and reliable data capture for traditional barcode applications, creating a comprehensive solution for various operational needs.

The versatility of the Zebra RFD40 is exemplified by its compatibility with a wide range of Zebra mobile computers, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows and systems. The sled's design prioritizes user comfort and ease of use, featuring an ergonomic grip that facilitates extended usage without compromising on handling. This makes it an ideal choice for industries such as retail, logistics, and healthcare, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

The Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Barcode Sled's intelligence extends beyond its hardware, as it integrates seamlessly with Zebra's software solutions, providing businesses with a comprehensive platform for data management and analytics. This innovative device not only enhances operational efficiency but also future-proofs businesses by ensuring adaptability to evolving data capture needs. Whether it's tracking inventory in retail, managing assets in logistics, or optimizing patient care in healthcare settings, the Zebra RFD40 UHF RFID Barcode Sled emerges as a versatile, reliable, and indispensable tool for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the era of intelligent data capture.

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