Chain R3 Desktop Reader

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Chainway C66


The Chainway C66 RFID Mobile Computer is a state-of-the-art device designed for efficient and accurate data capture in diverse industrial settings. This mobile computer features advanced RFID technology for swift and precise asset, inventory, and personnel identification and tracking. Equipped with a 5.5-inch touch screen and a powerful octa-core processor, the C66 ensures seamless operation and user-friendly navigation. Its robust design, combined with a high-performance barcode scanner and versatile connectivity options, including 4G LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi, makes it a versatile tool for optimizing workflows in logistics, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The Chainway C66 RFID Mobile Computer is a reliable solution that empowers businesses to enhance productivity and streamline data management processes.

Chainway C71

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Chainway C71 with Built UHF RFID

Chainway C72

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Chainway C72 UHF Handheld RFID Reader

Chainway MR20 Wearable


Chainway MR20 Wearable RFID Reader

Chainway R2 Paddle

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Chainway R6 Bluetooth UHF RFID Paddle