Gun Handles

RFID Gun Handles with Internal Battery: This category of RFID gun handles represents a cutting-edge solution for industries requiring efficient asset tracking and inventory management. These handles are equipped with internal batteries, providing mobility and flexibility to users during RFID data collection processes. Designed for rugged environments, these gun handles offer durability and reliability, ensuring seamless performance even in challenging conditions. By integrating RFID technology into a gun handle format, businesses can improve productivity and accuracy in their tracking operations. The internal battery feature allows users to operate wirelessly, enhancing maneuverability and enabling swift and precise data capture. With the ability to read RFID tags on the go, these handles empower industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail to streamline their processes, enhance security, and optimize inventory control. This category caters to businesses seeking advanced RFID solutions that combine convenience, durability, and high-performance capabilities.

ATID AT870N Gun Handle


AT870N Gun Handle with Internal Battery

ATID AB700 Gun Handle


ATID AB700 Gun Handle with Internal Battery