Urovo DT50D Cradle

The Urovo DT50D Charging Cradle is a sleek and efficient charging solution designed specifically for the Urovo DT50 series handheld devices. This cradle ensures that your Urovo DT50 device stays powered and ready for use at all times, enhancing productivity in various business settings. With a user-friendly design, the charging cradle provides a secure and stable docking platform for the DT50 device, allowing for convenient charging and easy access to essential functions. Its durable construction and reliable charging capabilities make it an essential accessory for businesses relying on the Urovo DT50 series, ensuring that devices are always charged and ready for the demands of dynamic work environments.
Manufacturer: Urovo
SKU: 2.01.300.0921011

The Urovo DT50D Charging Cradle is a cutting-edge docking solution meticulously engineered for seamless compatibility with the Urovo DT50 series handheld devices. This intelligently designed cradle not only serves as a secure charging station but also enhances the functionality of the DT50 device. The cradle boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, ensuring effortless docking and undocking for users. Equipped with fast-charging capabilities, it efficiently powers up the DT50 device, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The cradle features a durable construction, providing a stable and secure platform for the device. Its versatility extends beyond charging, offering easy access to essential device functions, making it an indispensable tool for businesses in retail, logistics, and various other sectors. With its compact footprint, the Urovo DT50D Charging Cradle is a space-efficient solution that seamlessly integrates into diverse work environments. This charging cradle is designed to complement the Urovo DT50 series, providing a reliable and efficient charging solution for businesses aiming to optimize their mobile workforce.