Impinj R700

The Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize RFID technology in various industries. With its high-performance capabilities, this reader offers lightning-fast read rates and exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for demanding applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, and supply chain optimization. Its advanced features, including support for multiple antenna ports and customizable read zones, provide unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The R700 ensures seamless integration into existing systems, enabling businesses to enhance operational productivity and gain real-time insights into their processes. Its robust design and reliable performance make it a top choice for businesses looking to streamline RFID operations and improve overall efficiency.
Manufacturer: Impinj

The Impinj R700 UHF RFID Reader is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking superior performance, adaptability, and durability in their RFID operations. With its exceptional features and robust specifications, it empowers organizations to optimize their processes, improve accuracy, and gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced markets.

The Impinj R700 represents the pinnacle of RFID technology, offering unparalleled performance and versatility for a wide range of applications. With lightning-fast read rates and exceptional accuracy, this advanced reader ensures swift and precise data capture, even in high-volume and high-speed environments. Its multiple antenna ports and configurable read zones provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing businesses to optimize coverage and adapt to specific operational needs. The R700 seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing operational productivity and enabling real-time insights into inventory management, asset tracking, and supply chain processes. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it ideal for challenging industrial environments.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed RFID Tag Reading: Swift and precise data capture, even in dynamic and high-volume RFID environments.
  • Multiple Antenna Ports: Four RP-TNC ports for flexible configuration and coverage optimization.
  • Configurable Read Zones: Customizable read zones adapt to specific application requirements, improving efficiency.
  • Real-time Data Processing: Provides instant visibility into inventory, assets, and processes, enabling quick decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with existing systems through various interfaces, simplifying setup and deployment.
  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Read Range: Up to 30 meters (98 feet) depending on antenna and tag characteristics.
  • Operating Frequency: 902-928 MHz ( FCC ) / 865-868 MHz ( ETSI )
  • Power Output: Adjustable from 10 dBm to 31.5 dBm (in 0.5 dB steps).
  • Antenna Ports: Four RP-TNC ports, enabling flexible configuration.
  • Data Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, GPIO, RS-232  ports for versatile connectivity options.
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.7 x 1.8 inches (32.3 x 22.1 x 4.6 cm).
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs (2.45 kg).
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